Starting School
June 15, 2008, 11:01 am
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I’ve long thought school sucked. Don’t get me wrong – I think a thorough formal education to tertiary level is important for most people, and life long, self directed learning a real joy and asset for everyone.  Its more the institutions I’m hung up on…

I think they generally drive the individuality and creativity out of young enthusiastic minds – I remember Tom Peters saying how the current public education system was developed after the industrial revolution to produce homogenous, compliant workers for factories. 

The 21st century presents an entirely different set of circumstances – the first world countries that have been built on this system are being undercut by developing countries embracing the same techniques with a vastly lower cost structure – the only way to compete is to be innovative and develop new solutions.


That’s why I was so impressed when I sat in on my son’s first day at primary school.  I was so pleased to see how things had changed – there was still discipline but the children were encouraged and supported and the vibe in the classroom was relaxed and friendly.  It made it a little easier to leave him in such good hands and knowing he wasn’t going to have his incredible little imagination crushed in a prescriptive environment!

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