The Power of One Voice
May 27, 2008, 2:00 am
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I hated the TV show, “The West Wing” – I thought it was overblown and full of itself, so I exercised my option not to watch it. I did however catch a sound bite from one episode that for some reason has stuck with me… “Never stop believing a small group of people can change the world as its the only thing that ever has”.  Apparently originally a quote from American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead.

I think it resonated as sometimes it can feel like no matter how big or small the endeavour, we are taking on the world and who are we to think we can succeed (which reminds me of another fav quote from Nelson Mandela, but I’ll save that for another time!).  But no matter how institutionalised and ingrained any concept may be in our society (everything from mega-big like government or the education system down to the toothpick or the safety pin) at one time an individual or small group of people (no “man” is an island right) said “How about this new idea” and proceeded to make it a reality…quite inspiring really….

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