May 15, 2008, 4:29 am
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Its funny I should choose to write about persistence when one again its been too long between posts!

It seems alot of things in my life are about persistence at the moment.  Whether its asking the 4 year old not to say “please and thank you” for the millionth time or just the grind of sticking with getting Vanilla Design Store and the other businesses I run/am launching going, it takes some real stickability.  So why persevere?

As much as I enjoy the things I do, everyone has times they would rather be doing something else.  But I have a goal in mind – whether its a polite child or a successful business there’s an outcome I’m striving for – but what about the doubts, those little voices you hear saying “be lazy, it won’t happen, who are you kidding”? – that’s when faith kicks in…

I’m an atheist and haven’t been to church of my own volition, ever.  But I do have faith.  That’s what gets me out of bed when I’m tired, that’s what encourages me to give people the benefit of the doubt, its what keeps my outlook positive when things are gloomy.  Its why I persist.

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I love this post about persistence – I also struggle with little voices especially when you get a run of days were nothing seems to go right. My faith in business is shaped by remembering the positive days, the happy customers and the tasks that went better than planned…

Comment by Mieka

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