Why bother?
January 24, 2008, 10:09 am
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So, why did we start Vanilla Design Store, in fact why do people bother doing anything at all?

For me it goes to the basic human condition (why are we here?) which I think is best explained by American philosopher Noam Chomsky as “we are here to create and explore”.

But what is the purpose of exploring and creating? My take on it is that by doing this we learn and help each other.

But again, why bother? Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) wrote a book called “God’s Debris” which sort of said people want to make stuff and do things because our self-expression is an innate part of the universe – everything wants to be something (very heavy!).

Which brings us back to this humble website…like everyone else, I have ideas and aspirations which I would like to be realised. Unfortunately most people are subjugated to “lives of quiet desperation” (a quote from Henry David Thoureau).

In establishing this site we hope to enable many new products (and the people behind them) to find success…I hope you will join us.

Thanks for reading…I’ll try and make the next post a bit more light-hearted!

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